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(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
It means sexual themes and events that take place, if you’re not comfortable with that kind of stuff then do not read!  There are inappropriate words!

It was droomy out side. The rain made you want to curl up in a blanket and listen to the sweet melody of nature. You were alone in room, while everyone else was in their rooms doing nothing because of the power. Your thoughts were interrupted by the door opening, it was your boyfriend, Ben. He wore the green outfit from leagens of Zelda, along with the hat. He had blonde shaggy hair that fit the shape of his head perfectly. It covered some of his eyes that were red and had a liquid black oozing down, sort of like eyeless jack. ‘’____, what’s up?’’ you just shrugged. ‘’tired, bored, cranky.’’ He just giggled. ‘’that’s why I came in here, I don’t know what to do.’’ You to have been dating for three years now, and never ‘’did’’ it. You wanted to, but you didn’t know if he wanted to. He wrapped his arms around your waist, kissing you on the cheek. ‘’what was that for?’’ he smirked. ‘’just showing how much I love you.’’ He laid his head on your shoulder and started to rock you back and forth. ‘’I love you ____.’’Ben whispered in your ear. ‘’ I love you to.’’ You melted into his touch. ‘’mhmm~ Ben....’’ you were turned on by this no matter how little it was. He walked you by the bed and sat you on his lap, doing the same thing but moving he hand on your back rubbing it. It felt really amazing. You wrapped your arms around his neck and took of his hat. He then laid your head on his chest and kept rocking you back and forth. You ruffled your hand in his blonde silky hair, making him groan. ‘’____’’ he looked at you with lust in his eyes. ‘’yes?’’ When you said that, he planted a kiss on you. It was so sweet his lips were soft like roses. You kissed back immetaly and started to put even more passion into it. He laid you under him still kissing you. You felt his wet, pink muscle tease your bottom lip asking for permission to enter your mouth. You allowed him and he started to explore your wet cavern. You rewrapped your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist. He was creasing your face and rubbing your sides with the other. You could feel yourself get even wetter. He unlocked your lips from his; there was a string of saliva connecting you two. He hovered above you, looking down on you, with a perverted grin. You slid your hand under his shirt and you could feel his firm chest. Not to rip where it’s bulging everywhere but to where there is enough. He got the message and took off his shirt. It was so shiny and sexy. You sat up but not far because he was still on you. You kissed and licked his body earning a few moans and pants from him. He then pushed you down. ‘’_____ do you want to do this?’’ you just smiled and blushed. ‘’ yes I wanted to do this for a long time now.’’ He kissed you harder that last time him teasing your breasts. He was foundling them and playing really hard. ‘’oww’’ you managed to say with his tongue in your mouth. ‘’sorry.’’ He sat you up a bit starting to slide off your shirt and your bra. After the cursing and frustation of trying to take your bra off he succeeded.  He attacked your right bud like an animal. Him Pulling and sucking made your even wetter and moan. You scratched your nails down his back making him attack even more. ‘’be- Ben~ owhhh~’’ he let go of your nipple and did the same treatment to your other one. ‘’______ your breasts are so big and warm.’’ He said with his mouth full. This tounge was twirling around your really red mound. You arched your back from so much pleasure it was almost deadly. ‘’Ben~’’ you couldn’t but help but smile this felt amazing. You could tell Ben was getting excited to. There was a huge bulge in his pants that was rubbing agents your knee. You rubbed your knee on his special friend and made him let go of your nipple. ‘’ mhmmm _____, gentle…’’ he was panting really hard while you kept rubbing your knee on it. He moved to your neck and started to suck every inch of it. He was teasing your flesh by pulling, sucking, and biting down hard. Moans of pleasure escaped your mouth. But he reached one spot that made your nerves go hay wire. ‘’Ohh~’’ you felt him smirk on your skin and started to do the same in that spot but much harder and passionately. He must have sucked in that one spot forever because there was a constant throbbing pain there. You almost thought he drew blood. ‘’ your skin is so sweet~’’ kissing your body all over. He unbuttoned your pants and slid them down reviling (F/c) lace panties. ‘’ ohh so sexy.’’ He started to lick you over the panties, teasing you even more now. ‘’Ben p-please.’’ You grabbed the covers gripping them as your lover played with you. You took your hand and gripped his hair. He stopped and slid of your panties. ‘’well, well, well someone is excited much?’’ he gave you the most evil face ever, and he grabbed your legs, spreading them really wide. ‘’ahh Ben…’’ you tried to close your legs but he just pushed back harder. ‘’____ I won’t make you do anything you don’t want to do.’’ you came back from your orgasm to say ‘’no I want this so much I’m just so nervous.’’ He chuckled and pushed his fingers inside you. There was a throbbing pain making you arch your back again. He trusted his fingers with great speed and strength. You felt your body heat up and your heart racing. He placed two more fingers in your wet slit. ‘’AHH~ben!’’ you were close to your climax and were even closer when Ben started to lick your sentive bud. ‘’Ben!! Ngh ahhh~’’ your body tensed and a throbbing sensation started to grow larger, there was a white light and you could feel your fluids leak out. ‘’mhmm.’’ Your breath was heavy and deep. Ben started to take of his jeans. You sat up and pulled it down reveling black boxers. There was a huge lump there and you reached in his boxers grabbing it. It was hard, stiff, and really big. If you measured right it was about eight inches long. ‘’I-I don’t think I can put that in me…’’ he laughed. ‘’It’s alright ____ ill go easy.’’ He laid you back down, reopening your legs. ‘’g-go slow....’’ he nodded and slowly slid it in side. The pain was much worse that you ever thought it was going to be. Your sides were expanding to his size and it was too much. He licked your earlobe and started to speak the sweetest words ever. He held you as the pain subsided. ‘’i-im ready.’’ He nodded again and started to thrust a little faster. The feeling was just complete magical. He filled you in every right place. He started to pound you at incredible speed. It was so much there was that feeling again. ‘’ahhh AHH _____ your so tight!’’ he grabbed your hips and started to dig his fingers into your skin like knifes. ‘’b-Ben I’m going to…’’’ your body tensed again and started to see white. ‘’_____!!!’’ he moaned. He took it out before Cuming and shot all over your stomach. It was hot, and thick. He fell on you and panted heavily. ‘’I love you ___’’ he pulled the covers over your sweaty bodies. ‘’I love you to Ben.’’
LEMON! i do not own ben. this is a diffrent story from my jeff the killer one
this was my first lemon so im sorry if its not any good. please leave a comment and fav. thanks
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Ben: hey moon what ya reading
me: Drops laptop NOTHING
Ben: fun time .
Me: O.O
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Nice timing Ben
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Me: Kawaii! ^^
BEN: What are ya doing princess?
Me: *Shuts Laptop* NOTHING!
BEN: *Opens Laptop and Reads the Story* Is this how you think about me.
Me: *Silent*
BEN: *Smirking* Get ready for tonight. We are having fun.
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Slender: Uhmmm yeah I'll just go get your sister La to run to the shops for me..
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Me. : wow that-HEY Tucker ! 
Me : SHAAAIT ! Ai Fuyuumi (Blush) [V1] 
Ben : whatcha reading ? *Looks at iPad *heheheh 
ben : it's not over. ! 
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its.. its... so awesome...
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Ben: * comes out of laptop and pervert smirk* lets do it
Me: nope * runs and hides behind jeff* T^T
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Me: While reading fan-fic "oh my..." blushes deeply
Ben: Walks in and looks at me "ummm Scar? are you alright?"
Me: Jumps and drops my phone "AHH! IM NOT READING ANYTHING!"
Ben: Smirks and jumps on me "i have an idea its time for some....'fun~'!:

And that was one nosily night at the mansion.....

Slender: Blushes "keep it down...."
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slenderman-daughter Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2015
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I never thought I would read his stuff... Mostly cause I'm a CP and BEN bugs me everyday... BUT THIS FRICKEN MADE ME NOSEBLEED! Then BEN saw and chased me around the Slender Mansion...
ixSkylar-Chan Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ha,you're not a
CreepyPasta. You're an ignorant child,who thinks they are a CreepyPasta.

CreepyPasta isn't real. Sorry to ruin your dreams,fangirl.
HetaliaLuver223 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
So what if I'm an ignorant child? AND I AM NOT A FANGIRL! I only nosebled cause it was 1. A good story and 2. Cause I may have a small tiny crush on BEN! And I know CreepyPasta isn't real! I'm not that stupid! You don't have to be a jerk and call people ignorant children! Cause in truth, you're just a person who has something about them that you don't want anyone to know about so you call people rude names and try to make them feel bad!
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It's fine~ What did this person do? I will kill them for you!
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Aww that's so sweet <3…
HetaliaLuver223 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm serious...
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And actually the first comment was my brother -.- and don't worry I slapped him.
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Same happened here only it was with Jeff the Killer
Danilovespancakes19 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Sexy but sadly this won't happen and lol I wouldn't be surprised if their was slenderman lemon stories
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I had a real nosebleed reading's so magical
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leagens of Zelda?
Its "The Legend of Zelda." (•-•
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Me: nosebleeds "hehehe~"
Ben: what are you reading?
Me: UH UH UH" thinks of exuse "YURI~"
Ben: can I read to?
Me: NO!
Celestmorning Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014
Thank god I can keep a straight face when reading lemons :D
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I can keep a straight face on lemons but stupid shit I can't its too funny not to laugh
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realization in: 3...
  *looks at the floor* oh is all that blood mine?
BEN: SG what are you reading.....?~
me: *quickly deletes history and closes browser* nothing....>.>
BEN: *sees blood on the floor* *grins* were you reading lemons again?
me: nooooo- <.< *thinks of excuse* um.... I eh... *starts nose bleeding again *
BEN:  ~SGeeeeeee~?
me: *goes pale and runs out of the room *
BEN: works every time~ heheh *runs after her*
DeathsMel0dy Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
So.. this is my first lemon.. and there goes my one and only virginity..
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