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Submitted on
June 1, 2013
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(Contains: sexual themes)
LEMON!!! Sexual content are used. If you do not enjoy those types of stories then do not go on. This does not go along with my other Jeff the killer story! Thanks and hope u enjoy ;)

Ahh yes it was one of those nights where you were alone and full of lust… And your boyfriend, Jeff, being away didn’t help.

You layed in bed dreaming about what your lover length look like. You felt a moist and warm spot grow larger in your womanhood. You moved your hand inside your jeans and slowly trusted a digit inside you.

You moaned intensely and started to thrust harder and faster… panting Jeff’s name. You inserted another digit, making your moans bounce off the walls.

Ohh how this felt, you wanted Jeff so badly that it was unbearable. You felt sweat drip down your body, your body felt so hot yet cold. You slid your other hand on your sensitive bud and rubbed in a circle motion.

‘~naaa Jeff!’’ your body moved back and forth, reaching your climax, you saw white. You slipped your hands out of your region and went to take a quick shower.

~Jeff's pov~

I… I heard it all…______ she’s…she was…
‘’-Sigh-‘’ Jeff sat against the door looking at the other hallway wall. ‘I want to so badly but what if I don’t please her? What if it will make our relationship worse? Or…get her Prego…’ Jeff thought to himself.

He looked down to his crotch, which was bulging out like there was a hand in there…
Jeff reached out his member, making him grunt a little. It was so hard and stiff that it could cut diamonds.
He started to stroke his manhood, picturing ____ doing naughty things to herself.

‘’~nhh damn it’’ he couldn’t stop; he was to into it to stop giving his friend the attention that it wanted. That’s when he heard the bathroom door open in her room.

Jeff quickly tried to pull his boxers when the door behind him opened, and Jeff fell on his back… with his face staring at ____ region and Jeff’s junk standing tall as mnt Everest.  ___ was completely exposed, then she covered herself.

‘’ j-JEFF?!!’’ _____ fell back on the carpet, surprised.

I felt a blush sweep across my face…oh god how awkward this moment is… her naked body was so beautiful…causing my member want more attention.

‘’___ I- I can explain.’’ My knees were shacking and I felt like a red balloon about to pop both head regions.

There was a giggle from _____ and she walked over to me, watching her hips roll…ohhh yes!

‘’there’s no need to explain.’’ She grabbed my length making me winch.

‘’ I see you’re…errr…needy, so ill help you.’’ ___ whispered in my ear, her (h/c)hair moved out of my face and she winked at me…

Part 2 soon…
0.0 no judging!
sorry its short or not good, im a bit tired tonight and ill post the 2nd one later on ;D thanks for favs and comments, they brightin my day 030
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ttisback Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This was good 😳😊
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Wow.....nice...that weird thought we do it to ourself..... but yea its a good lime!!!!!!!
JuliaMHarris Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Student Artist
ugh, like I cant find part 2. anywhere :P
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XD literally what I thought his face was the whole time 
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When will you upload it? I NEED MOAR!
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