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Submitted on
June 9, 2013
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(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
Jeff’s POV:
She lowered her head down to my area, my heart throbbing and my length. I waited so long for this. Her HUGE mounds of flesh moved as she sucked harder.
‘’OHHH~ _____ t-this is so amazing!’’ I grabbed her hair and pushed my man hood deeper in her cavern.
She started to lick up and down, kissing the sides. It made me shiver with satisfaction.
She handled its way to my sac, ohm I never felt like this, it was pure bliss.
Before I released, I told her to stop. There was a loud.-pop- sound and saliva was everywhere on my area.
‘’Waa?’’ she wined, seeming like she really enjoyed it.
‘’Your turn.’’ My eyes widened making her get what I meant.
She squeaked and I push her on the floor and started to suck on the rosy bud. She backed arced making it a lot easier for me to suck on.
‘’mhhmm~’’ I looked up to see her face; she was biting her lip and rolling her eyes back.
I let go of her and her expression subsided. I started to kiss down her navel to her waist. I reached her entrance but before I could look, ___ closed her legs.
‘’no don’t do that! I-its ember sing…’’ she looked away blushing. ‘’ I won’t do it if u don’t want me to…’’ I started to back away, but her legs pulled me back
‘’wait I ummm…’’ her face was so red; I smirked and grabbed her hand. ‘’if u don’t like this then I’ll start and get down to business. ‘’ I winked at her.
Her eyes widened. I headed down and used my other hand to pry open her clit. Her legs loosened and she laid flat on her back.
It- it was so beautiful… I’m a virgin and never really seen one before but I it was so beautiful. I started to use my tongue to lick her bud. As I keep licking, I was getting use to the taste…It was so…delicious! It was bitter and salty at first but it got sweeter and more…BETTER!
She arched her back and moaned my name loudly. It made me feel powerful, full of so much lust I shoved my wet, pink muscle in side her watery cave.
‘’J-Jeff…imma cum~!’’ I pulled out my muscle.
‘’wait not yet.’’ She panted heavily and started to groan with an annoyance. I liked it
I put my member at her entrance and put my boner slightly in side her, teasing her.
‘’J-Jeff, please don’t tease... .’’ her body kept bucking and moving me a inch deeper every time
‘’o-okay’’ I knew it would hurt her at first so I slid it very slowly.
‘’OHHH OUCH!’’ she screamed whined as tears started to flow from her (E/C) eyes.
I handled her for the next few mins with care, like a little new born kitten.
She then started to get used to it and I knew this because she started to move herself up and down.
‘’Jeff u can n-“I started to slowly thrusting in her kissing her red lips.
Her moans and my grunts echoed through the room. I trusted harder till I was panting like a dog giving everything I had into it. I want her to walk funny in the morning, and I’m sure as hell determined!
‘’ JEFF IM GOING TO CUM!’’ I was also reaching my end.
‘’I-I am too!’’ I managed to hiss out from my panting.
I fell on her still thrusting, holding her in my arms, and began to kiss her even more.
Finally our muffled moans of us Cuming… came.
Her legs wrapped around my waist and I picked her up and took her to the bed. ‘’go to sleep~ beautiful…’’ I wrapped her up in her covers and started to peck her cheeks. ‘’ I love you, jeffy~’’ she said with the I’m trying to piss you off face.
…I hate that. I just chuckled. ‘’not going to make me mad…___-boo.’’
Her face went blank. ‘’ohh I struck a nerve.’’ I said smirking.
‘’COME HERE’’ she pushed me on the floor and we started the whole night again…and again, again…
lemon includes...(sexual themes, innoproprate language)
ok so sorry if theres any mistakes or errors.
i do not own jeff...BUT HE OWNS YOU NOW!...jk
but thanks for comments and favs meens alot and hope you enjoy!
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DaggerTheProxy Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Me: *Pile of tissues beside me* UR MUR GUR..!
Jeff: Woah, what's with the tissues....
Me: *Poker face as a drop of blood falls* Nothing Jeffery.
Jeff: Dagger... Give me the iPad...
Me: Why Jeff... e///e
Jeff: I just wanna see what you're reading..
Me: *Throwing anonymous dictionaries at him* N-NAWH! NAWH!
*Picks up the iPad and runs*
Me: SUCK MY ASS JEFF! *Stops dead in my tracks*
Jeff: *Slowly walks towards my frozen figure smirking* So that's what you were reading~
Me: *Fails and runs* I NEED AN ADULT!!!
Dragonsrock120 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
PrincessJasminbrony Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014
oh my.... I love it The Monkey With the Nosebleed 
Bleachandcreepypasta Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Hobbyist
Wolfgyrlz01 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Student General Artist
Me: Wow... Um... I don't know what to say *stares at screen*
jeff: what's up Girly? *reads the lemon*
me: *blushes in embarrassment*
jeff: ohh... Naughty girl you need punished... How about we make this... Story... A reality? What do you think, ____?!?
me: umm... Yes... I mean... No... *groans out of frustration* *whispers* yes...
OpalLovesToSlaughter Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014   Artist
Nosebleed Big Fool Emoji-05 (Pervy Nosebleed) [V2] Nosebleed Plz 
Batgirl134 Featured By Owner May 11, 2014
Love it!!!
XLaughingJill Featured By Owner May 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I can see everyone having a fan-orgasm.. they shall be like ...
Sexy horse (oh noes) 
CweepyCwaft101 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Jeff:Geez Cass you are Pervy!
Me:*comes in*SHIT!!!
Jeff:How about we do some roleplay?
Jeff:Then lets reenact this story.*smirks8*
Shadow-Demon678 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014  Student Artist
Shadow:*wipes blood from nose*
Jeff:*takes phone* whatcha readin Shadow?
Shadow: NOO!
Jeff:*reads and blushes deeply and glares at me* you're gonna get it
Shadow:*backs away slowly*
Jeff:*lunges and pins her*
Shadow:*screams* NO RAPE RAPE!!
Stitches:is she gonna be okay?
BEN:*laughs* yeah she'll be fine
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